Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thank you, Leonard Cohen © by adrian

Linda and I started to watch an edited version of "Leonard Cohen Live in London" on television the other night.

Leonard probably wasn't even half way through his first song before we both realized that if he ever showed up at our front door, there would be an enormous skirmish in the hallway as we jostled each other to see who would get to him first.

This man has dramatically and single handedly raised the bar for those who would never have previously considered being intimate with an old guy.

As soon as we started watching the show it was obvious that he owned the crowd. Lord, I can barely imagine how many women later that night in bed must have accidently screamed out "Give it to me, Lenny!" For that matter, I'm sure even the occasional man (much to his own surprise) let bellow the same refrain.

I can picture younger guys rushing to make appointments at the dermatologist to have extra wrinkles injected into their face lines so they will have a chance to be able to compete with us old wrinkled up guys. As they stand waiting in long lineups going around the block they can work on trying to perfect his elegant stoop. His studied caressing of a microphone or anything else he touches.

I'm a mere sixty nine, (see my story; I'm a 69er © by adrian) and old Leonard has set a new benchmark for us all... He's five years older than me, so at least as far as age is concerned, I know I'm good now until I'm at least seventy four.

I've certainly got the wrinkles. I think if I scream out "Give it to me, Lenny!" often and loud enough, I may even be able to get a tiny bit of the raspy voice the man continues to delight us with.

Anyways, I must rush off and get to my vocal lessons. Oh, and by the way "Give it to me, Lenny!"